Veterans Workshop & Learning Center

Preserving a Legacy. Enriching the Community. Inspiring Honorable Service.


The Bay Veterans Foundation is now focused on the Bay Area Veterans Workshop and Learning Center and purchased property at 1009 N. Madison, Bay City, in 2018. Upon removal of contaminated soil and asbestos remediation, the buildings will be equipped with hand and power tools to be used by veterans transitioning to civilian life and older veterans for recreation therapy.

Bay County has one of the highest per capita concentrations of veterans in the State of Michigan. About 7,300 veterans reside in our communities and a little known fact is over 600 are estimated to be women.

This space will provide an area for veterans needing support, camaraderie, more productive use of time and opportunity to transition back into the community.

A variety of classes, presentations and information will be made available to veterans. Providers of veterans services will be invited for one-on-one counseling and group presentations.

Our research has been unable to find anything similar to this project. This could very well be a pilot program and serve as a model for communities across Michigan and throughout the country.

You can be part of this mission by becoming a member, supporting us financially, being a service provider, or any combination of these services.

Benefits for Veterans and the Community

  • Development of self-confidence and ability for self-expression
  • Opportunity to develop new interests and skills
  • Opportunity to regain camaraderie and become a team player
  • Development of a sense of belonging
  • An opportunity to learn of VA programs and access benefits
  • A partnership with the Saginaw VA Mental Health annex for those veterans diagnosed and suffering PTSD, depression, etc.
  • STEM Time Saturdays (Basic introduction classes for local neighborhood kids, members of the Boys and Girls Club, Girl and Boy Scout Troops)
  • Foreclosed or dilapidated houses for Learning Labs
  • Special programs for women veterans
  • Opportunity to become more productive
  • Opportunity to serve as a mentor
  • Opportunity for homeless veterans to find day-time shelter and an alternative to continued hopelessness
  • Addition to the network of community human resource agencies and providers 
  • Ted Talk Tuesdays
  • Soup Group Thursdays
  • Re-connection with the community
  • Availability for USGC personnel, Michigan National Guard and Army Reserve Units

How can you help?

In addition to membership and financial support, BVF is looking for volunteers. Operations will require instructor/mentors, overseers, participants, and general help in many areas.

Thanks to several foundation grants and private donations, the buildings are debt free; but insurance, utilities, and operational expenses need to be covered going forward.

Coordinators for work groups are needed. Record keeping needs to be developed. Outreach for successful programming is important. Scheduling will be required.

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